EDMA seminars

Wednesday, 3rd May 2023 

10:00 am, Seminari de Matemàtica Aplicada (Dept IMAE)

Bernat Espigulé (UdG): " On the connectivity of self-similar sets" 

Abstract: Self-similar sets form a well-defined class of fractals which are relatively easy to study. This talk will introduce the notion of tip-point set~$M(w)$ as a building block for the unstable set~$M_{A(c)}$ of parametric families of self-similar sets. The result is of particular interest to researchers working on analysis, probability, and mathematical physics on fractals

Research project supervised by Joan Saldaña and David Juher, Differential Equations, Modelling and Applications Group (IMAE UdG).

Upcoming seminars:

Wednesday, 30th November 2022 

10:00 am, Seminari de Matemàtica Aplicada (Dept IMAE)

Josep  Sardanyés (CRM): " Social tipping points in a colonial bird: Modelling 40 years of field data" 

Abstract: We study long-term demographic metapopulation data for the colonial bird Audouin's gull recorded at La Banya (Ebre delta) since 1981. By using mathematical modeling and dynamical systems theory, we have identified a perturbation-induced regime shift involving accelerated dispersal from the study patch. This dispersal behaviour, which is highly nonlinear, is well explained by a function mimicking social copying. Analytical and numerical investigations, together with artificial intelligence tools, allow for the identification of a social tipping point triggering the dispersal response of this bird species.

Joint work with: Daniel Oro (CEAB-CSIC), Lluís Alsedà (UAB-CRM), Alan Hastings (UC Davis), Meritxell Genovart (CEAB-CSIC)