EDMA seminars

Upcoming seminars:

Wednesday, 30th November 2022

10:00 am, Seminari de Matemàtica Aplicada (Dpt IMAE)

Josep Sardanyés (CRM): " Social tipping points in a colonial bird: Modelling 40 years of field data"

Abstract: We study long-term demographic metapopulation data for the colonial bird Audouin's gull recorded at La Banya (Ebre delta) since 1981. By using mathematical modeling and dynamical systems theory, we have identified a perturbation-induced regime shift involving accelerated dispersal from the study patch. This dispersal behaviour, which is highly nonlinear, is well explained by a function mimicking social copying. Analytical and numerical investigations, together with artificial intelligence tools, allow for the identification of a social tipping point triggering the dispersal response of this bird species.

Joint work with: Daniel Oro (CEAB-CSIC), Lluís Alsedà (UAB-CRM), Alan Hastings (UC Davis), Meritxell Genovart (CEAB-CSIC)